About Us

Thejas News is a Malayalam online news portal run by Thejas Publishing Charitable Trust.

Our mission: “To be in the forefront of pioneering journalism that steadfastly uphold the democratic right to know, actively facilitate the emergence of a new world and is committed to those who are denied the right to be heard and toparticipate.

Thejas News upholds the great ideals enshrined in the Indian Constitution.

Thejas News will be the watchdog of Indian democracy that offers space for each and every citizen in our multi-cultural social and political system.

The portal practices journalism with human face, commitment and courage as it stands up for the neglected and marginalized sections in the society.

Opinions are free, facts are sacred. People should know which is which. Hence we carry the news with objectivity and commitment to truth.

Our strength is unbiased and undistorted reporting without flourish or lazy adjectives but with verve and passion and we do not mix news with the views.

We have zero tolerance for political agenda and adhere to the highest forms of professional ethics.

Direct speech, reliable and original source, authenticity and speed are some of the qualities we want to stick by in this digital mode.

We bring out the facts deliberately neglected by the hegemonic Indian media.

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